February 15, 2018 Guest Speaker: Lindsay Shepherd, WLU Teaching Assistant

Come hear Lindsay Shepherd, the Wilfrid Laurier University Teaching Assistant, who was thrust into national attention following a lesson on the use of gender pronouns for her grammar class.

Lindsay was teaching a course on “Canadian Communication in Context,” a first year Communications Class. To spark a discussion on how grammar might be a societal topic that we want to think about' she showed a video clip. Lindsay's intent was to show a discussion on the use of non-binary pronouns that people who identify as gender non-conforming and trans usually use, and have the class talk about whether that usage changes how their society thinks of gender and whether they should be used at all.  She showed a video clip from The Agenda with Steven Paikin which included Jordan Peterson, a controversial professor, and his opinion that the refusal to use proper pronouns when addressing people in the workplace or in schools should not be counted as discriminatory.

She was called into a meeting with her supervisor and two other Laurier staff members, with reprimanded her,  bizarrely equated her neutrality on Peterson’s words with someone showing a clip of Hitler’s speech and claiming neutrality on his words, and declared her to be transphobic.  Lindsay recorded and released an audio recording from the meeting, which went viral on social media.  Lindsay's supervisor and the university President have publicly apologized, and a later University investigation found that no meeting should ever have taken place.

Lindsay has a Bachelor's degree from Simon Fraser University, and is currently studying Masters level cultural analysis and theory at Laurier.  She has an active twitter following with over 40,000 followers focused on this controversy and related topics.  She is an environmentalist, and speaks 4 languages.

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